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Critical Merits of Switching from Windows to a Linux OS in 2019

Of the total computers that are connected to the internet, around 1.84 users have Linux. Nevertheless, you find that as the years go on, there are a lot of people that are switching from Windows to Linux. For the sake of knowing the benefits of switching from Windows to a Linux OS, deliberate to visit this website and get more details.

Having Linux getting out of your way is one of the merits of considering to switch from Windows to Linux OS. You might already be accustomed to this, but windows contain numerous features that are always in your face. For example, they are looking forward to you sign in to your Microsoft account for further benefits. They tend to have that Cortana that each time desires to help you whenever you are searching for anything on your computer.

Furthermore, it is an advantage to consider switching from Windows to Linux OS because installing the software on Linux is easier than installing software on Windows. Additionally, you do not need to downloads the .exe file. Another thing that makes it beneficial to switch from Windows to Linux is that it is secure. You know that there are chances of Windows getting affected by viruses which makes it necessary for you to always have an anti-virus protection. It is possible for you to view details if you need to. By switching to Linux on the other hand, you are getting a safe and secure operating system. Viruses are a thing of the past when it comes to the use of Linux. This makes it one of the safest operating systems you can find in the market right now.

Switching to Linux from Windows is preferable since you do not have to pay anything for it. If you do not consider switching from Windows to Linux for any other reason then, the price tag of free will. Yes, you discover that Linux is free of charge operating system. With a price of nothing, you can have access to all these fret features. On the other hand, you may have to use around 0 to upgrade Windows.

You may also have to consider going for Linux over the Windows operating system since the updates are worth it. You might get disturbed whenever you discover that Windows has a new update. You seem to update your computer now and then. However, you will always be notified when it comes to Linux updates. As much as you may have to restart your computer after some updates, you are not forced do that. With Linux again, when you update, you do it even to the other software in your PC besides the operating system.