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Where to Eat Out in Low Angeles

The total number of people visiting Low Angeles annually is well into tens of millions. It is the food, culture, tradition, and celebrities that attract a majority of the tourists. Whether you are visiting or you are a resident of Low Angeles, you have to visit some of the restaurants in the area. On this page, you can learn more about some of the special restaurants in the area.

The Nobu-Malibu tops the list. It is the right place to enjoy something fancy and celebrate a special occasion. It was co-founded by Nobuyuki Matsuhisa and Robert De Niro close to twenty years ago. Its location in the Malibu is what makes this Nobu restaurant stand out from the rest spread over the world. Its popularity means that you may not be able to get there without making a reservation. You can get a table on the patio to enjoy the oceanic view of you choose to dine al fresco.

Pink’s hotdogs take the second place. This is the one place that stocks both high-end menus and popular street food menus. Since it was established in 1939, Pink’s hotdogs have become a household name in Hollywood. The hotdog stand serves the Guadalajara dogs, chilli dogs and the New York digs to name just a few. Apart from hotdogs, their menu also has burgers, specials, Philly Cheesesteak dogs and many more. For a person working with a squeezed budget, Pink’s hotdogs offer you an opportunity to enjoy Los Angeles staple.

Do not worry if you are not impressed by any of the previous two, Boos Philly Cheesesteaks and hoagies is definitely one restaurant you would want to visit. If you crave the classic sandwich taste, look no further than this. Surprisingly, this is one of the few Philly Cheesesteaks outlets in LA. It offers you the convenience of getting your Philly to fix anywhere since it is conveniently located in Ktown, Forum, and Silverlake. On their menu, you will find some of the classics such as Boo’s Original Steak which has no cheese. You could also satisfy your taste buds with something cheesy which they never lack. They never lack hoagies like American, Italian and Turkey either.

Bestie is one of the other options you can choose from. Located in downtown Los Angeles, it is a hip underground style restaurant. A book is not judged by its cover, and you should therefore not fall for the old warehouse looks on the outside and forget about the rich culinary adventure you could experience on the inside. The environment of a refurbished warehouse makes a great atmosphere for you to enjoy some of the Italian dishes. It is owned by two Los Angeles residents who got inspired by travelling around the world.