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What You Need To Do In Order For You To Prevent Sexual Harassment In The Work Place

One of the most saddening situation is that around 54{8a111b8e87d2217e89ca18cf9006e3f7691622cb9f11e03b1e2f936e3486f2aa} of women have come forward claiming that they have ever been harassed at their workplaces. There is nothing new about workplace sexual harassment, and yet the recent me too movement has shed light on the problem. It is important for every organization to make sure that all their employees are well protected from such situations. It is quite unfortunate because employers don’t always know what do to make sure their employees feel safe while at work. Important factors that will guide you in knowing what you need to do in order for you to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace are provided in this article.

Know that when it comes to changes, they should start from the top because so many people do look up to leaders a lot. Respect is one of the most important factors that should be there in a business and this is a culture that you should ensure that everyone embraces. Never tolerate things like sexual nature or inappropriate touching among your employees. Another for sexual harassment to be dealt with employees should feel free to talk about it if they are ever victims of it. How you run the office is something that is of great importance and always know that people do look up to you. The American Bar Association found that up to 47{8a111b8e87d2217e89ca18cf9006e3f7691622cb9f11e03b1e2f936e3486f2aa} of women say that sexual harassment is tolerated in the organization. 45{8a111b8e87d2217e89ca18cf9006e3f7691622cb9f11e03b1e2f936e3486f2aa} of women do find themselves in dilemma whether to speak up or to just keep quiet, and many of them choose to try and forget that the situation ever occurred; therefore, they go silent.

It is quite sickening because almost 99{8a111b8e87d2217e89ca18cf9006e3f7691622cb9f11e03b1e2f936e3486f2aa} of women who are victims of sexual harassment in the workplace choose not to speak about it. As a result many employers are unaware of sexual harassment in their organization. The first step as an employer that you need to do in order to prevent sexual harassment in your offices is too fast get to know if they do happen frequently in your office or they have never. You can choose to carry out a survey by asking all your employees if they are victims of this and how many times these has ever occurred to them while they are in the office. This could be conducted anonymously to allow employees to feel that they can answer the questions honestly. You can use the information from the server to determine how you can better address sexual harassment. You need to know that even if you want prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, not every complaint will be reported to you, and this is okay because some workers may feel a lot more comfortable talking to other managers or supervisors.