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Using Life Insurance Trust To Reduce Estate Taxes

We all know that the role of life insurance is to provide to your beneficiaries after you die. This benefits those families that rely heavily on your earnings for their living. There is always a concern of paying high life insurance tax in many people. We will have a look at how you can ensure that your beneficiaries keep more of the money. The best way to accomplish this objective is by forming a restricted property trust life insurance as it works to keep taxes down.

The necessity of this comes from the fact that your benefit due to death is added to the value of your estate. If it is very high, it can go beyond the levels of exemption and put it in the level of high taxation. This ends up costing your beneficiaries a lot of the money by paying the taxes. Therefore your family will have to pay estate taxes at a very high rate that ranges from 35 to 55 percent of the total value of your estate.

This brings in a lot of stress to your family as you they will have to pay the taxes within a short period of nine months after death. This is the main reason that brings in the interest of forming an irrevocable trust like the restricted property trust life insurance. The wealthy in the society are the beneficiaries if the restricted property trust life insurance by eliminating the chance of paying the high taxes. The following is how this assist the wealthy to reduce their the estate taxes they have to pay.

The way through which the restricted property trust life insurance functions is by pitching your insurance policy to a trust. After that is done, the trust has the role of paying the premiums, and they give your family the benefits after you have died. This ensures that the ownership of death benefits is shifted from you and thus reducing the size of your estate. As a result, the amount of estate tax will as well be kept very low.

You will thus enable your family to keep more money as the value of your estate will be drawn down to the federal taxes level. To get the assistance of forming the trust, you should search for the best attorney on your area. He or she will assist in the formation, and then you will select a trustee to hold your trust. The restricted property trust life insurance is best when you select a bank to oversee over your trust.