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The Ultimate Guide to Speaking With Authority

If you want to deliver a speech, you should ensure that you speak with authority. Most people usually have challenges speaking with authority regardless of the position that they hold. It is encouraged that you speak confidently which will be helpful in your career. You will realize that the audience will pay attention when you are speaking. You will get to earn the respect of the audience if you can speak with authority. The first step to speaking with authority is finding your voice. By reading this article, you will learn how to take control of your voice and speak with authority.

You should start by speaking clearly. The reason to speak clearly to ensure that your message reaches the audience. This is because the audience will pay attention. Therefore, you should avoid mumbling when speaking by opening your mouth wider to enunciate the words properly. Besides, you should ensure that you slow your roll. The audience will assume that you are nervous if you speak too fast. Moreover, the audience will miss some of your words which means the message will not be delivered. Therefore, you should ensure that you slow down your speech.

Next, if you want to speak with authority, you should avoid shaking. It is common for those who speak fast to start shaking because of the audience. You should know that the shaking will grab the attention of the audience hence your message will not be delivered. The best way to combat the issue of shaking is breathing exercises. It is important that you take a pause when speaking. If you take a pause, you will have the attention of the audience. Some of the instances that you should pause your speech include after introduction, question, or key point. According to the experts, the pause should take about 3-7 seconds.

You should also ensure that you establish a tone. Exaggerating your voice is key to delivering a message. You should increase your voice when emphasizing your words. You should refrain from using the same volume and pitch in the entire speech. You should refrain from using fillers when speaking. If you click here, you will discover more about the sounds that you should not use when you want to speak with authority.

It is also encouraged that you have eye contact with the audience. If you look directly into someone’s eyes, you will be able to demonstrate your control. Lastly, you should consider using body language when speaking. Therefore, if you want to find your voice and learn how to speak with authority, you should this guide.