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A Guide to Moissanite Engagement Rings

The unique look and beauty of moissanite engagement rings make them a perfect alternative to diamond engagement rings. They are gorgeous and more brilliant than diamonds.

It is not true that Moissanite is a fake diamond. In a create made by a meteorite in Arizona, a man by the name of Henri Moissan discovered this stone. The stone was found to have been made of silicon carbide and was not a diamond. And although naturally occurring moissanite is rare, scientists have been able to replicate it to create a versatile gemstone to make fine pieces of jewelry that outshine others. Here are different facts about moissanite that make people love it.

Next to diamonds, moissanite gemstones are considered one of the hardest stones out there. They are more durable than rubies and sapphires that makes them great for daily wear. It can withstand long exposure and does not easily scratch or break. Even if it is subject to abuse, the stone does not lose its shine.

Any fine jewelry can have moissanite stone in them. You should consider getting a moissanite engagement ring for your special someone. If you want an elegant piece of jewelry, then give a moissanite engagement ring instead of a diamond one. It is ideal for any ring setting. No protection is needed by moissanite stone so you can set it in delicate style and it will not get damaged. Metal colors like gold and yellow are perfect with moissanite.

Whatever gem shape you want can be done to moissanite stone. Most couples like the round brilliant cut to this stone. This cut enhances the fire of the stone and can take a lot of abuse making it a perfect daily wear. The cushion cut, the classic heart, radiant, and Marquis are the different cuts that you can do to moissanite. You can have an emerald cut with moissanite that is tint-free and cut to proportion.

When light hits your moissanite, it creates a rainbow effect with a dazzling sparkle. Natural light will show off a moissanite fiery flash of color. Grease and dirt slide right off moissanite and this is why it can retain its signature sparkle for longer between cleanings.

There is no color in moissanite and this resembles the k-color, GIA-certified diamond. The smaller the gemstone, the more colorless it becomes. A greenish or yellowish hue is given off if it is under a special light. If you want moissanite with little or no color, then you should get forever brilliant moissanite.

Diamond rings are expensive but moissanite engagement rings are more affordable. Moissanie rings can be cut according to your preferences. If you give a moissanite engagement ring, then you are showing her how special she is. With a moissanite engagement ring, one will truly feel special.