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Factors Contributing to Depression in the Internet Age

Despite the simplicity of life due to technology and the convenience that the Internet brings, depression has been on the rise over the past years. The data that has been acquired towards this research reveals that the rating .3 million adults in the US, which is inclusive of 7.1{8a111b8e87d2217e89ca18cf9006e3f7691622cb9f11e03b1e2f936e3486f2aa} of the population, have had a depressive stage in their lifetime. It is also possible that the increased amount of time that is spent on the Internet and also the raised level of using technology in society have been the major factors contributing to depression. Discussed below are some of the factors contributing to depression in the Internet age.

An increasing social media usage has been known to be one of the significant causes of depression in the Internet age. Feelings of isolation have been known to be experienced by many people who use social media frequently even though it is meant to be a place of connectivity with our social circles. Depression comes in social media through the false notion of people having perfect lives, and they end up depicting that other whom their audience automatically result in feeling sorry about themselves and whether they are. The comparison rates together with the standards of loneliness that are brought about by frequent use of social media are terrible factors for mental health.

The Internet age is also seen a lot of people entering into debt, and this is one of the leading contributions to rates of depression going high. 18 to 25 years marks the age where adults and youths have entered debt in a manner in which it has never been seen before. Many of these individuals are very young age, but they have student loans that they are thinking about settling, and therefore this leads to them not having the peace of mind that they need. These people who are quite youthful and they’re trying to find their way of life and up being depressed due to the fact that despite the debts that they have, there are decreasing employment rates throughout the world and also the rates for rent rising so high, and all these make it understandable as to why they resort to depression.

This current generation is seen as a significant reduction in religious belief, and this is known to be one of the leading contributors to depression worldwide. Liberalism and it is in has invaded our society, and this lack of spiritual connection has been known to leave many people in ignorance towards the issues of life and eventually, they end up lacking the place for release.