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Accounting Reports that Every Business Needs

The basic understanding of bookkeeping and accounting is vital to the survival of every business. The success of businesses is boosted by the use of the various reports resulting from accounting. When these reports are properly understood and used by those who run the operations of your business, and they will manage to make informed decisions that positively influence your company. Through production of detailed reports accounting helps your business to be understood by the public and its stakeholders. The following are the basic accounting reports that every growing business should keep tabs on.
The first one is the v vs. the actual report of your business. These reports give the actual outcome of the operations of a business in comparison to the projected results. In most cases the report is worked out after every month and compared with the provisions of the company’s financial statement to find out if the business is gearing towards attaining the expectations that have been set.
Next is the balance sheet report. In this report, all the information about your business’s assets and liabilities are brought to light. It is the report that focuses on giving more information on the financial muscle of your company. The report plays a big role in informing the management of your business on the right decisions to give priority. It is through the provisions of this report that the creditworthiness of your firm will be scrutinized.
Income statement of your business is yet another crucial report to be aware of. All the revenues and the expenses of a company are made known to the relevant parties by this kind of a report. The report is majorly known as the profit and account. Since it gives elaborate information about the profitability of your firm, it will help in informing potential investors of the risks they face as far as putting their money into your business is concerned. It also helps the management of your business to track the performance of the products and the services of the company offers in the market.
More importantly, there are the accounts receivable report. Businesses get the chance to categorize their accounts in various groups dependent on the information provided in the accounts receivable report. The categories of accounts enable you to monitor the cash flow within your firm. This is possible through the efficient management of invoice and collection issues as enabled by the right use of account receivable report.
Finally, there is the cash flow statement. It is through cash flow statement that the amount of cash that exchange hands within your business within some period of time will be known. It is a different statement in terms of the information it reports on, which is strictly money-based. The information contained in this statement is crucial in informing your business decision-making process.

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