22 Lessons Learned:

How to Be Ready for a Hurricane Season

Hurricanes come with several calamities. It is important to plan well for hurricanes and tropical storms. When it happens, you need to be prepared especially for people who are aware of the place of residence to be one of the vulnerable areas to hurricanes and storms. Discussed therein are the tips to consider when preparing for a hurricane season.

Be alert to know the direction the hurricane is headed might be your home area. Jolt down what you will do in case the hurricane comes in handy. You need a home safety kit. Be sure to keep the important stuff I the kit ready for the hurricane season. Involve your family members in the planning too and make sure they have their hurricane survival kits. Take time to prepare so that you don’t forget the important items that are important during the hurricane season.

Erecting Roof clips, storm shutters, can help secure and fasten the frame structure of your home against storms. Also, stock one room in your home with fresh water, non-perishable foods, flashlights, blankets, towels, trash bags, gloves, cleaning masks, your pet’s food and any other necessities. Weight and size of the door and the walls need to be erected in a way that they will strongly resist the hurricane wins without damaging the house parts including the walls the door and the rooftop. Whatever is swept off during the hurricane can also contribute to much of the property damage associated with hurricanes occurs after the windstorm when rain enters structures through broken windows, doors, and openings in the roof.

Moreover, you need to turn off all utilities and electric appliances connected to power. Make sure that your phone is always on for emergencies. There is always more info here in case of such calamities. Know where you are at all times. The intensity of the storm varies. Take time to listen to the news or radio and also check on your neighbors in case they might need help.

Stay away from windows in case of flying glass that may injure you or any family member. Turn your refrigerator to the coldest setting so that your food will last longer if the power goes out. Always alert your family members where you are at all times. Nothing is more reassuring than knowing someone is safe.

Make sure the car is fueled to capacity and also the car is working well. Always keep some money on you in case of such emergencies. You need to pay attention in particular to the brakes, engine, and battery. The above-highlighted points are therefore important when dealing with or experiencing a coming tropical storm or hurricane.